Planting the seeds for
Autism Awareness
& Acceptance




We have several different products and ways to bring Autism Awareness and Acceptance to your audience!
We have a DVD entitled Autism: The 411.   It was made by Just 2 Moms with the help of thirteen 5th graders.  In this kid-friendly DVD many things are presented:
  • Autism is defined
  • Examples of some famous people who have been identified as having had Autistic Spectrum Behaviors 
  • How all 5 senses may be extra sensitive in Autistic individuals
  • Four different scenarios--beach, movie theater, birthday party and a playground--to illustrate the challenges an Autistic child may face
The DVD is about 7 1/2 minutes long.  The cost of this DVD is $13.00 (USD).  We will ship it Free of charge!

To order our DVD, simply click the "Buy Now" button below!

A Do-It-Yourself Autism Awareness and Acceptance Kit is also available.  This kit includes:
  • Autism: The 411 DVD
  • Professional Audio CD (16 everyday loud sounds) to use as an interactive experience for your audience
  • Lesson plans/guide to show you how to render a fun, informative and interactive presentation.
    Available as:
    Middle/Elementary School Kit or High School Kit 
  • One Autism Awareness Puzzle Pin

With the DVD, this assembly should run about 45 minutes to an hour.  The cost of this Do-It-Yourself Kit is $55, includes shipping. 

Please Select Appropriate Grade Levels:

A pre-scheduled Autism Awareness and Acceptance Assembly with Just 2 Moms (Christy and Debbie) visiting you at your location.
  • We will present the DVD and the accompanying assembly can also be arranged. 
  • We bring all of the fun to you in person! 
  • We can tailor our presentation to any age/ grade level from Kindergarten to adults.

The cost of this visit is $200*

* there may be additional costs for locations more than 75 miles from our Zip code 08003 

Contact us today to schedule your assembly!

Autism Awareness Pin Kits are a great addition to any assembly!  The kids love to assemble and proudly display the pins they helped create!   The finished pin consists of a painted puzzle piece, with the word "Autism" written on it, attached to a multi-colored printed puzzle piece ribbon, in an awareness loop.  Simply order the number of pins you would like to make.   We can send you the right amount of supplies to accommodate any number of students and or staff.

Each kit will contain:
  • Puzzle pieces to be painted
  • Black permanent fine tipped pen to write "Autism" on each pin
  • 3/4" pin backs
  • Multi-colored printed puzzle piece ribbon (4" per pin)
  • Foam paint brush(s)

*Finished Autism Awareness Pin is approximately 1" wide x 2 1/2" long.

You will need to supply the acrylic paint (in the color of your choice), and the glue to assemble the pins (we strongly recommend use of a low-temp glue gun).  You may wish to assemble and then sell these pins to raise money to help pay for our Awareness Assembly at your school or at another school in an economically challenged area!  The cost of each pin is 40 cents (10 pins = $4.00, 50 pins =$20, 100 pins = $40, etc.)

Contact us today to order your Autism Awareness Pin Kits!

Scouting Programs: A variation on our Do-It-Yourself Assembly Kit.  Scout Groups may borrow (with a refundable deposit of $10) an Assembly Kit to use as part of a meeting! Autism Awareness Pin kits, Reproducible coloring/activity sheets & Autism Awareness Patches are also included in this program.

The cost is $3 per scout & the cost of shipping.

Contact us today regarding our Scouting Program!

Community Group Programs: We would love to bring Autism information to your group (Senior Center, PTA meeting, Rotary, etc) even as an in-service for your staff! Feel free to contact us, so we can arrange to provide you with an assembly kit or a time to have us visit! The cost of this program will be determined on an individual basis.

Please contact us today to order
any of the above products listed!

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