Planting the seeds for Autism Awareness & Acceptance

Planting the seeds for Autism Awareness & Acceptance

Planting the seeds for Autism Awareness & AcceptancePlanting the seeds for Autism Awareness & Acceptance

Autism Awareness Assemblies

Teaching tolerance and acceptance of autistic disorders in a fun and thoughtfully developed manner.


"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did at one of your recent assemblies. My six year old daughter came home literally bubbling with information and interest in Autism.  As a school psychologist working with students with High Functioning Autism and Asperger's Syndrome, this was especially meaningful for me to witness. Keep doing what you are doing!"


"As a mother of three children, one of whom is autistic, I know how desperately the services offered by "Just 2 Moms" are needed. It is very difficult for children dealing with Autism to be accepted by their 'typical' peers. This organization provides an amazing service by informing students and teachers the challenges of autism and teaching acceptance. I hope to bring their services to my school district. I personally feel this organization is one that deserves all the support the local community can offer, considering that the staggering statistics of autism in NJ are 1 in 94. We can all benefit from teaching our children awareness and acceptance. "
--Janice, Mother of a child with Autism


"This was a powerful event for our community.  Having an assembly facilitated by our parents, who face the challenges of Autism everyday, made this a moving experience for adults as well as children. At moments, the audience was so engaged you could hear a pin drop, and at other moments you could hear the children's excitement.  The utilization of our student body for the assembly and video was a nice touch. This assembly has made a difference."
--Terry, Elementary School Principal


"I know that when you showed the video to Sam's grade level, he came home and spoke to us about autism and Jordan.  He insisted on wearing his autism t-shirt to school the next day. It was the first assembly this year that he talked to us about. Great job!"      
--Rachael, Mother of 2nd Grade Student


The kids learned so much and were actively involved in the presentation. It definitely helped give my students a deeper understanding of children with autism.  Though they may not fully comprehend the reasons behind certain behaviors, they are much more accepting of those behaviors after participating in the "Just 2 Moms" assembly."
--Christa, 5th Grade Special Education Teacher


"It was an amazing experience to share in the everyday ups and downs in th elife of an Autistic child through this video. I was so glad that my own students had the opportunity to gain a better understanding of Autism through this video, and the discussion that followed in the classroom was powerful."
--Tara, 3rd Grade Teacher