About Us


We are just two local Moms of two Autistic boys who wanted to provide education and awareness about Autism at one local elementry school.  We made a video with a borrowed camcorder, thirteen 5th Graders & the desire to dispel fears about Autism in a kid-friendly, informative manner.

To accompany this DVD, we also did grade-level assemblies with an audio CD and a hands-on format.  All five senses were addressed through both our DVD & interactive portions of the program to give the viewer a clear understanding of the challenges a person with Autism might have. We also helped our student council make Autism Awareness Pins for each of our students and staff.

It quickly became obvious that many parents & teachers appreciated our program enough for us to perform our assembly at other schools & locations. Then, in 2007, we formed a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization called "Just 2 Moms" so we can personally perform the assembly or you can purchase the DVD assembly & pin-making materials.

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Donate Now

Just2Moms is committed to helping our children. We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that gives back to our community by bringing Autism Awareness & Acceptance to as many schools as possible.  There are several ways that you can help!

  • You may personally donate any amount to help us fund programs for school districts that want to bring Autism Awareness & Acceptance to their schools but lack the funds to support an assembly
  • You may wish to arrange a Bake Sale, Yard Sale or other fund raiser to support a school of your choice!
  • Many employers offer matching donation programs. Please check with your employer to see if your company offers a matching donation program.
  • If you or your company is interested in sponsoring a program in full for an economically challenged school district -- you may support the entire assembly.

Charitable donations are a tax deductible means of showing that you support Autism Awareness & Acceptance!

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